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Hold My Hand 
has continued to the second, public voting phase for the 2014 RONE Awards. In this phase, the readers will be narrowing down the contestants by choosing the books they love best.

Hold My Hand is in the Erotica category. It's voting is open only from April 7 - 13,2014. It will be open for votes for exactly one week so I want to let all my friends, family, readers and fans know! I hope you'll be able to take a moment to vote via THIS LINK.

About The Award
The finalists from this round will then be read and judged by a group of professionals in the industry to determine the very best in indie and small published books of 2013. They will then be awarded the prestigious RONE award, itself, at the formal ceremonies, July 11th, at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I'm thrilled about this award. As you can tell by the multiple phases, InD’tale magazine went to extensive lengths create and present one of the most credible and prestigious award in the industry today. The three round system of elimination covers every facet - highly reviewed, loved by fans, and critiqued by qualified judges. No other award system today begins to compare, making the RONE award the very highest of honors bestowed on a book in the publishing industry.

What Reviewers Say...
"This author has a beautifully descriptive writing style that pulls you in and seduces you with words and imagery, as each scene unfolds and we follow the characters on their sexual journey." -Love Bites And Silk

"Sexy and sensual with spanky goodness, Aubrey and William's romance captures the reader and holds them bound from page to page. Fortunately for readers, theirs is a story that has more to come with an upcoming sequel Heal My Soul. Yes, Sir - we are patiently waiting because good things come to those who wait!" -Guilty Indulgence Review Site

"Wow. I don't have enough good things to say about Hold My Hand. This book really hit home for me in a lot of ways. It's an intense emotional story that will leave you thinking about it for days." -Sapphire Kande

"Paloma Beck takes her reader by the hand and gently leads them into the world of domestic discipline and manages to craft a beautifully written and surprisingly romantic story at the same time. In an exploding market of BDSM stories, the element of love - the kind that makes a reader want to know more about the characters and their journey - often gets sacrificed for steamy no holds barred sex. Hold My Hand focuses on the fledgling relationship between Aubrey and William without sacrificing the erotic components." -Jenn Pray, Goodreads

"Whether one is simply curious or is searching for something just out of reach, every person who decides to investigate BDSM begins the journey for different reasons and with different expectations. Some proceed alone, learning as they go, and some have a mentor to show the way. Aubrey is a broken soul, but William sees in her the potential that she can’t yet see for herself. He guides her slowly on her journey with tenderness and confidence yet with a stern firmness that brooks no arguments. Aubrey, despite her verbally abusive past, begins to blossom under his attention. Her journey is heart-breaking, heart-warming and beautiful to watch as the reader experiences everything along with her.

A wonderful look into one woman’s quest for confidence through submission." -InD'tale Magazine

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