Paloma's Monthly Reads: #amreading The Breeds by Lora Leigh

My love for Shifter Romances began with Lora Leigh's Breeds.
All of the books in the series revolve around the activities of the Genetics Council, which operated secret labs where scientists experimented with combining human and animal DNA. The series begins after some of these Breeds escape and go public. Each book tells the story of one couple from their first meeting to attaining soul-mate status.

Here is Leigh's description of the World of the Breeds, included at the beginning of most of the books: "They're not shifters or werewolves. They are experiments in genetic engineering. Created to be super soldiers and the advanced lab rats needed to research new drug therapies for the human population. They weren't created to be free. They weren't even created to live. They existed to serve the men and women who created them, tortured them, filled them with rage and a hunger for freedom. Now they're free, they're living and they're setting the world, and their mates, on fire." 

There's a blending of elements... suspense, fantasy, mystery, romance and, of course, sex... that has put this series at the top of it's genre. Leigh is masterful at creating the ultimate alpha male while pairing him with a strong, though somewhat subservient, female. Oh, and it would be just wrong if I didn't mention that these Breed males carry some of the sexual characteristics that occur when he consummates his sexual relationship with his soul mate. Intense - that's the best word to describe some of these mating stories.

This month, I caught up by reading books 26, 27, 28 and 29 in the series, finally getting some answers to on-going story lines in the series. I'd finally gotten to stories about some of my favorite characters. While reading a book on one couple's story, Leigh incorporates clues about future matings. And though I've gotten some answers, there are still more couples I want more about. I can't seem to get enough of these Breeds.

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