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Welcome to another week of Book Hooks, the weekly meme hosted by the MFRW Authors BlogHere's a chance each week for readers to get hooked on new books from new authors. Since each author shares just a short excerpt from their books, you can browse before purchasing the full book through their buy link.

TODAY I'm sharing the very first excerpt from my sixth book in the Seven Sin Sisters series, Shadowed Spirit, scheduled for publication later this month. Enjoy! (Oh, and I'd love to hear what you think too!)

The seven Sinster sisters are entwined in a legacy originating back from the time of the Italian Wars in the 1500s. One by one, they’ll find their mates from the immortal Valendite Breeds and secure their place in history.

After escaping a kidnapping, Sadie returns to her carefree life as a dancer, turning away once again from the realities of her destiny as a Sinster sister. This time, she takes a job in Vegas to hide away. Burdened by the soul sin of Sloth, Sadie can’t seem to care about the prophecy that consumes her family.

Granger, on assignment with TEU, heads to Vegas to protect her. Everything is going as planned until he discovers Sadie is his mate and then all bets are off. Now his mission is not only to protect Sadie until the prophecy is fulfilled and the danger abated but he must also convince her that accepting their destiny will make her stronger. He doesn’t have much time because as they hide out in the city of sin, her sisters await her to join their circle and forge a magic stronger than steel.

Sadie is about to find out that she holds the final key to saving her race.

Fuck! The little spitfire bit him. Twisting and snarling in his arms, he couldn’t get a good look at her, but he was still certain the tiny thing that appeared to have rolled in the mud and smelled it too was Sadie Sinster.

Even as he hurried to get her to a secure location, Granger’s body grew rigid at her bite. His muscles tensed and his body went on full alert. It took him a few minutes to realize why. He threw out his senses to see if there was cause for alarm. No, there was no danger. They’d taken out the captors and even that hadn’t been much of a fight. Damn it to hell. What had just happened must be the beginning of a Claiming. Granger knew then, without a doubt, that this stinky, dirty woman in his arms was his mate.

As if life had dished him up another serving of fuck you, he was holding his mate in his arms and she was obviously afflicted with the soul sin of sloth. Of course, it couldn’t be lust or envy or any of the more interesting of the sins. His mate was nothing like her beautiful sisters. What had he done in his life to deserve the shit he got dished?

Don't wait. Get Hooked!


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