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Welcome Dani Collins back to Romance Beckons.
Recent winner of the Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best First In Series from Romantic Times Book Reviews, Dani mostly writes for Harlequin Presents, but steps out with romantic comedy, medieval fantasy, erotic romance and coming this fall, small town romance with Tule’s Montana Born imprint. Whatever the genre, she always delivers sexy alpha heroes, witty, spirited heroines, complex emotions and loads of passion. If you enjoy a little kink in your romance, look for her bondage-themed novella for Mills & Boon’s Chatsfield series, The Secret In Room 823, available in August.

With all these secret identity books on the go, Dani is offering you a chance to express your secret desires from behind a masquerade mask. Enter Dani Collins’ Masked Desires Contest here.

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Today, She talks about her journey into Erotic Romance and share some sexy excerpts. Read on! Oh, and she's having a contest so don't miss your chance to enter.

About fifteen years ago, when Ellora’s Cave was dominating the online erotic romance market, and I was fed up with getting rejections from traditional romance publishers, I decided to write an erotic romance.

I noticed that a lot of people were having success with taking a tried and true romance genre, like intrigue, and bringing the erotic journey into it. I had an idea for a series of lessons in sexual freedom and, after putting on my thinking cap, decided that an under-exploited genre (at that time) was the alpha-male tycoon with the virginal heroine. 

Yes, I had this brain wave way back then and, even though I wrote the book, and even got as far as a contract offer from Ellora’s Cave, I wound up backing out and leaving it on my hard drive while I chased other things.

I finally sold to a traditional publisher, Harlequin Mills & Boon in London, in May of 2012. Fifty Shades was now mainstream and I wondered if it was time to dust off my erotic romance. One of my reasons for backing out previously was a bit of reluctance to be known as an erotic author. My kids were still young and, even though I write quite hot, my first love is straight up contemporary romance. I hadn’t revisited the erotic genre so I was a one-book wonder at that point.

HarlequinE changed that. They loved my book and asked me for another. The first one, now titled Mastering Her Role, has a hero with an alter ego (Dominic—I hadn’t learned how to be subtle fifteen years ago). I had always thought that it would be nice to have a heroine with a secret identity so, last December, Violet came out of her shell for Playing The Master.

This pair will be released August 4th as a boxed set. When my editor gave me all the details, she asked if I wanted to use a pseudonym and I (with only a brief hesitation) decided to proudly slap my real name on it. My kids are older and I find that keeping up with one name is a challenge. I couldn’t imagine doing all the website, twitter handle nonsense for another—although I guess it would be apropos to have a split personality for these books. I didn’t think of that.

But, since I can offer a sexier excerpt here than on the more mainstream blogs, I did think it would be nice to give you some exclusive content in my sneak peeks. I hope you enjoy them.

Exclusive Excerpts – The Dani Collins Erotic Romance Collection
Two lessons of disguise, erotic pleasure, and liberation from renowned author Dani Collins.

Mastering Her Role
Arianne has it bad for her friend and neighbour, Jason. Unfortunately, rumour has it that Jason has a kinky side, and Arianne’s inner freak is still hiding in the closet. So Arianne asks Jason to introduce her to his friend Dominic—a sexually dominant instructor in the ways of pleasure. And so Arianne begins her lessons of sexuality, lust, and being thoroughly and deliciously ravished. But behind his mask, Dominic seems awfully familiar...

As though to compliment her pristine white dress, he wore an off-white shirt and buff colored pants in a soft chamois, the laces a triangle at his crotch, his boots brown, loose and slouched. Even the mask and gloves were chocolate rather than black. Peasant colors. “Tell me,” he said as he floated a forest green sheet over the bed. “Have you been practicing your homework?” “No.” She came to grip the rung at the foot of the bed, admiring the gold fringe and tassels on the sheet. “I wasn’t sure I was allowed.” “It’s your body, Arianne. Do whatever pleases you. But I’m glad, my beautiful student,” he said, dropping a light kiss on her nose, “that you didn’t.” “Why?”
“Because.” He dropped a matching green cushion on the floor beside the bed. “I think you’ll enjoy this more if you’re aroused, but not recently satisfied.” She let him peel her fingers from the end of the bed and draw her around to the side. Her breath caught and fluttered high in her chest, into the base of her throat. Would she be able to let go and— “Are you ready to learn how to please a man, Arianne?” He tucked her hair behind her ear. “I—pardon?” She had thought... He leaned down to nip her earlobe. “I want to fuck your mouth,” he whispered. A streak of excitement pierced her, both from the words and the feel of his breath disturbing the tiny hairs at her nape. Performance anxiety edged out some of her intrigue, however, while the scent of his aftershave, clean and woodsy and sharp, imprinted on her memory forever.
“I don’t know how,” she admitted, unable to look at him. Her stomach muscles rippled as he ran his hands down her sides. His one thumb briefly pressed her nipple to cause a detonation of pleasure at her clit. “I’m going to tell you,” he promised huskily. “Here. Kneel down.” He backed up another two steps, sitting on the edge of the bed so the green cushion was between his booted feet. Taking her hands, he drew her forward, maneuvering her with the firm touch he’d used yesterday when he’d photographed her, positioning her so her forearms rested on his thighs, her knees on the soft velvet of the cushion.
“Now open my laces.” He leaned back on his hands, his legs splayed in invitation. “I wasn’t expecting this.” She hesitated, longing to touch him, but nervous. What if she screwed up?
What if this was Jason and she was about to fail at the one thing every man adored more than life itself? “Take your time. The anticipation is half the fun.”
Playing The Master
In a week, timid Ann Parker will belong to the coldly handsome Porter Navarro—a marriage arranged by her vicious stepfather. But when she’s secretly made over and presented to Porter as “Violet,” she is initiated into his world of dark, exquisite delights. One where he is master. But it’s only as Violet that Ann tastes true freedom. And her liberation will cost not only her sensual teacher, but the man she’s grown to love...

He stroked warm fingers up and down her spine and said, “You wouldn’t have ticked the box if you weren’t curious, Vi.” Oh, how did he know? Okay, maybe she was a little. Maybe she had projected a fantasy in her mind where he bought her and she let him do this and it proved they were a match after all.
She was still scared, not so much of the swat of his hand, but of the consequences. What if she hated him for this? What if it ruined everything? Clutching handfuls of blankets, she dug her forehead into the mattress and held herself stiff as a board on his lap, breath held in apprehension, instinctively rejecting what was happening. “So resistant,” he murmured. “You’re forgetting that I cut my teeth on spanking. I’m really good at this, you know. You’re lucky. Most first-timers get walloped by a clumsy husband and wind up massively disappointed because, like most men, he didn’t read the directions first.” She couldn’t help choking with disbelief. Lifting on her bent elbows, she did her best to glare daggers through the blindfold. “Position is key,” he informed her. “Straighten your arms.” When she didn’t move, he said, “I’m not going to do this badly so you can tell yourself you didn’t like it. I can clip you to the post to get you where I want you.” Begrudgingly she let her hands slide out in front of her until her breasts were flat on the puffy satin of the quilt, face averted from his.
“Better. And thank you for wearing these. It’s always a nice touch to see this bunched line of lace cutting across the backs of the thighs.” He lowered her panties, which were insubstantial, but the feel of them peeling down her cheeks was incredibly sensual, especially the slow, painstaking way he did it. “You have the most beautiful ass, Ann-Violet.” The flood of liquid heat into her pussy was unexpected and mortifying. How could she be turned on by what was about to happen? She wriggled a little, tensing with self-consciousness, embarrassed by her weird libido that found the idea of him admiring her ass insanely exciting. “Purists would tell you that tensing up like that is a big no-no. It dulls the sensation. You want maximum sting and I promise you, we’re both going to feel this. I want this to be as good for you as possible, but the fact is, you’re getting spanked for a reason. You hurt and scared me.”
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