#THURSDAY13 Things About ME @AADconvention Featured Author

I signed on late as a Featured Author at Authors After Dark 2014 and didn't get the chance to do an interview on the AAD blog so I thought I'd share some things about ME before we meet at AAD.

Thirteen Things To Know About Me (Before AAD)

1 This is my first year attending AAD as an author. I attended a few years back when it was held in Philadelphia. Our whole book club went together and had a great time. Since I got my start in a book club, blogging book reviews, I have a chocolaty-soft spot for these folks. Watch for my chocolate-dipped spoons at the Blogger Chocolate Party!

2 I'm a quiet shy gal so you'll likely find me off to the side somewhere. I might even be reading... or writing, since I'm on a deadline. If you see me, say hi. I promise to stop whatever I'm doing to chat.

3 I love coffee so you might see me wherever they sell coffee, preferably Starbucks. My favorite drink of choice? In the summer, it's an Iced Skim Caramel Macchiato.

4 I'm giving away this amazing travel cup at the Welcome Event. It was a bit self-centered since I fell in love with them for myself! Yep, you'll see me walking around with one in my hand too.

5 I don't do crazy costumes. My outfits are understated, but I enjoy seeing others get all into the party themes. I think my baptist upbringing still lingers in my soul.

6 I'm hosting a Snap-a-Shot contest during AAD. Just take a selfie with any of my swag or my banner at the conference and tag me on facebook or instagram to be entered to win a fun prize.

7 I might be wallowing a bit on Saturday night because it's the premiere of Outlander on Starz and I'll be missing it. I know, I know, it'll be On Demand but you just don't understand how much I've been anticipating this moment.

8 I admit, however, that had this conference been on September 9th, you better believe I'd have been at home. What? You don't know what that date is?? It's the season premiere of Sons of Anarchy, my favorite tv series.

9 I'm one of the hosts of the Bookie Pre-Party. Yes, there will be alcohol. While you're at the bar, grab one of my coasters as a keepsake.

10 I got my push to work towards publishing from authors at a conference. To pay it forward, I'm inviting aspiring authors to join me on Saturday, 9:00am at the hotel restaurant. We can talk about your next steps over breakfast.

11 I'm bringing the first two books in my Heart & Soul series in print. They're just $10 at the book signing and I only have a limited amount so find me at table 34 early. I accept cash and charge cards.

12 I'm sitting at Anabel Joseph's CHASTITY table at the Sins & Virtues Ball. I have my sweet little white dress and patent leather mary janes all picked out and ready. Legs crossed!

13 My next book, Never Coming Home, will be released in September with Secret Cravings Publishing. It's a novella in the Home Series. If I could recommend one book to attendees, I'd say read Coming Home so you'll be ready for my next book.


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