Coffee 'N Kink with Paloma

A New Feature on Romance Beckons! Guest authors will stopping in to share the kink they drink, the kink they read and the kink they write. And we'll give away a drink on us. Enter to win a Starbucks Gift Card.

While guests will stop by beginning next week, today is all about me...

My Favorite Espresso Beverage
It changes with the seasons. In the summer I drink iced coffee most mornings. When I want to indulge, I have an Iced Caramel Macchiato. But lately, as we edge into fall, all I can think about is a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks!

My Favorite Kink to Read
I enjoy reading about dominant male characters, whether the romance is male/ female or male/ male. I always sink into books where the heroine, though not a doormat, is taken care of by the hero. Bondage, spanking and a show of dominance goes a long way towards the making of a great read.

My Favorite Kink to Write
I love writing spanking scenes, whether its cathartic, discipline or play. The interaction between the characters is intimate and authentic.

Get a Taste of My Kink!
Heart And Soul is my romance series that incorporates domestic discipline with spanking and mild bondage. Books one and two are currently available for purchase. Book three will be released later this fall.

Enter to win a $5 Starbucks Gift Card.

Excerpt from HOLD MY HAND

“You will follow my every instruction while in bed. I asked you to do just two things. Keep your eyes open and not move. You failed at both.” William’s stern accusation lashed me. I wanted him to be happy with me. It was all that I craved. I wanted that moment we were in before he laid me across his lap.

‘I’m sorry, sir,” I whispered against his leg.

“I know but this will be a reminder the next time. Every morning you’re in my bed will begin the same and I ask just those two things. Remind me what they are.” His voice was cold and dredged the regret for my actions from somewhere deep inside me.

“Keep my eyes open, on you and be still, sir,” I squeaked the words out while working diligently to hold back my tears. The swell of both dread and desire were this jumbled mess inside me.

Then everything found its center as his heavy hand struck my bottom. I yelped, more surprised than hurt. It was a sharp strike but not terribly unpleasant and I thought then that this was something I could handle. I was relieved and took a deep breath, holding it as I waited for the next slap.

The second strike came across the opposite cheek and then the third before I’d had a chance to recover. My body was quaking with a sharp pleasure and a gripping, whirling sensation converged in my center. Feelings as I had never known formed a vortex inside me. I moved my arms to get balance, looking for purchase, lost in this moment where escape seemed necessary. Yet even still, my traitorous ass moved towards his palm seeking more.

I felt his large muscular arm across my back holding me in place. I concentrated on his strength and allowed it to filter into me. I felt his hard cock pressing into my belly as he anchored me across his lap with his firm muscular arm. I was completely his in this moment, to do with as he pleased, and I’d never felt freer.

His hand continued to deliver my punishment. His smacks rained down on me. They burned and delighted at the same time. The squeals I once made now sounded more like moans as I began to yearn more earnestly for more. My pussy was clenching, the bud William called my clit pulsed harder still, and I was defeated. My body was a traitor. I should’ve felt nothing but revulsion and yet I wanted to scream out for more.

“The last five will be stronger. It’ll be more difficult for you now but I know you can be brave, little elf,” William soothed me both by word and by the soft stroking of his hand over my reddened cheeks.

I shuddered at his words, too many emotions raced through my mind to think straight, and then I found comfort in his gentle touches along my back and bottom. I felt myself float before an enormous wave swelled up against me. William’s hand struck my ass with such authority; it pulled me under. I surfaced only to feel the wave again immerse me and pull me under. I lost count but it didn’t seem to matter. I simply floated in this ocean where I was free from everything.

I felt a pull as William sunk his fingers into me. His dark chuckle told me he’d discovered my arousal. Cream dripped along my inner thighs and soaked William’s fingers. I was aroused from my spanking. It made every filthy thought I had about myself ring true. I should repulse him but my reaction seemed to delight him. Though I had these thoughts, they were somewhere just out of reach as if I was still floating in my ocean and watching.


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