Lessons Learned: An Author's First Conference #AADChar

I'm back from Authors After Dark 2014. It was my first BIG conference as an author and it was an absolute RUSH that left me thoroughly exhausted! (Thank goodness I can go to work in jammies!) I learned a lot about balancing organization with the appearance of being laid back. The experience can't be summed up in a blog post but I can give you

** Highlights from my time in Charlotte **

seeing my author banner next to authors I love... I was right next to Kallypso Masters and Eliza Gayle,

meeting other authors, from NYT best-selling authors to new-to-me authors to newly published,

meeting authors in person with whom I've developed on-line friendships... Normandie Alleman, who's your daddy?,

attending panels to learn from other authors,

giving away fun swag,

interacting with readers who love to read romance and aren't afraid to tell you what they want,

sitting at the Chastity Table during the Sins & Virtues Ball... chastity took on a whole new meaning with Annabel Joseph!,

talking with Aspiring Authors about starting their publishing journey,

dressing up in some leather and lace,

and how could I forget the 3-hour Book Signing!

It was time well spent meeting readers, authors and learning more about the Romance Book Industry. And then, of course, there was also some moments to just sit with friends and relax with a glass of wine... Moscato for me please!



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