#Thursday13 Author MUG SHOTS

Author Mug Shots
What Do Authors Drink While They Write?

Holly S. Roberts' favorite beverage is a hot coffee with a little coconut milk, a drop of almond extract, and a dollop of whipped coconut cream. Delicious!

Holly is the USA Today Best-Selling author of "Play" and writes paranormal romance under the pen name D'Elen McClain.

Cherise Sinclair prefers tea. Her cup was a present from a reader and she still gets a kick out of it.

Cherise is a romantic BDSM author who has had over a dozen novels published. One of her most recent novels, Make me, Sir was awarded The Romance Reviews Best Book of 2011 for erotic BDSM romance.

Hildie McQueen also drinks tea, Earl Grey Lavender is her absolute favorite. "My favorite Muse David Gandy on my cup is probably the closest my lips will ever get to him!"

Amazon bestselling author Hildie McQueen loves action, love and unusual settings. Author of western historical, Highland historical, paranormal and contemporary romance, she writes something every reader can enjoy. Most days she can be found in her pajamas hiding from deliverymen while drinking tea from her David Gandy coffee mug.

Sabrina York prefers "Decaf Americano with sugar free vanilla and three Splendas to be exact!" And her mug of choice is a personalized author cup. Love it!

Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, writes naked erotic fiction for fans who like it hot, hard and balls-to-the-wall, and erotic romance and fantasy for readers who prefer a slow burn to passion. An award winning author in multiple genres, Sabrina loves writing hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers.

Kayelle Allen enjoys her coffee in a patriotic mug.

Kayelle Allen is an award-winning author. Her heroes and heroines include role-playing immortal gamers, agents who find the unfindable (or hide it forever), and warriors who purr. She is known for unstoppable heroes, uncompromising love, and unforgettable passion.

Normandie Alleman doesn’t like hot liquids, but she needs her caffeine and she gets it in the form of Diet Coke. She loves her some bling so she drinks it from a sequined tumbler.

Who's Your Daddy? A former psychologist, Normandie now writes erotic romances with quirky characters that are all too human and who usually find themselves tied up, spanked, or both. She lives on a farm with her big family and a pet pig who’s crazy for Red Bull. Connect with Normandie on facebook

Author Jo Peterson says "Nothing better than starting my day with an Extra Large Double Double from Tim Horton's and COOKIES!!"

SJD Peterson is an amazing m/m romance author. Learn more about her books at  .

Melissa Rolka drinks Folgers Breakfast Blend with Caramel Macchiato creamer in it every morning! "This mug is Christmas-sy and old but I use it every morning."

Melissa Rolka grew up in the Chicagoland area all of her childhood and has always had a love of writing. She started by keeping a journal at a young age and then in high school she started writing poetry. A couple poems were published anonymously. Then in college she majored in Philosophy, which required lots and lots of writing. Eventually she made her way back to the Midwest, where her heart belongs, and worked in business for several years. She found love, got married and has two beautiful children. Being at home has allowed her to keep following her love of reading and writing.

Victoria Barbour drinks dark roast coffee in beautiful pottery.

Victoria lives on the island of Newfoundland, and is fiercely proud of her home. She can imagine no better setting for her works, and hopes that her readers will one day come to witness Newfoundland and Labrador's rustic beauty for themselves. When she's not writing, or trying to convince people to visit her home, she's busy with her day-to-day life as a mother, wife, and marketing communications specialist.

Lastly, here's mine... Paloma Beck drinks Iced Coffee or Iced Mocha, or sometimes even a Caramel Macchiato in the summer when its just too hot to drink hot coffee.

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