#Thursday13 Writer Terminology for #Readers

13 Common Terms Writers Use & Readers Should Know
Don't you hate it when people use lingo you don't understand? Every grouping of people, whether a professional group or friends, have their own common language. Here's the top thirteen terms writers use that can confuse those around them. I'm sure there's more - feel free to add to my list in the comments.

ARC - Advanced Review Copy; a version of an author’s book that is sent out prior to release for review purposes.

Ebook - an electronic book that is read on an electronic device as opposed to print.

Ereader - an electronic device used to read ebooks; common devices include Kindle and Nook.

HEA - Happily Ever After; the ending of a romance when the hero and heroine end up together forever.

HFN - Happy For Now; the hero and heroine of a romance end up together but there is no indication of a forever.

M/M - a relationship involving two men.

M/F/M - a menage a trois; M stands for male, F for female. The letter ordering is significant in identifying with whom each character interacts, see also M/M/F, F/M/F.

NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month; takes place in November to encourage writing worldwide; a writer pledges to write 50K words.

NA - New Adult; a work of fiction targeted to an audience in their early twenties; contains characters ages 18-25 yo with issues relevant to this age group; may contain moderate sex scenes.

POV - Point of View; the perspective of the story through the eyes of a character.

SWAG - Stuff We All Get; an author’s promotional items.

WIP - Work in Progress; a story the author is currently writing.

YA – Young Adult; a work of fiction targeted to a young adult audience; contains young adult characters with issues relevant to the adolescent years; sex scenes, if present, fade to black.

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