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Graceful Acceptance is NOW AVAILABLE!
This book marks the ending of the series that started my career as a writer. With mixed feelings -I'll miss these girls!- I've brought their prophecy to fruition.

Series: Seven Sin Sisters Series, Book Seven
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Elements: Menage (f/f/m)
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-63105-409-9
Page Count: 88

The legacy of the Seven Sinster Sisters, originating back from the time of the Italian Wars in the 1500s, has finally come to pass. One by one, the sisters have found their mates from the immortal Valendite Breeds. Now only one remains as Grace accepts her fate and discovers that with acceptance comes love.

Davina, a powerful woman of the Magdalena Circle, has her own prophecy to fulfill. She knows soon Grace will come to her, and together, they will remove the curse that has plagued their race. The mystery is the young TEU Agent Trevor and his role in the coming revelation.

Like light and darkness, Grace and Davina meld a triad bonding with Trevor and secure their place in history.

Grace was all too aware that Eloise had been consumed by the desire to find her mate until she’d literally fallen into Caedon’s arms, but Grace had no such desire to give in to her destiny— not when she had her own wants to consider. Except she knew that the fulfillment of the prophecy rested squarely on her shoulders. She had to choose between her own happiness, her own desires, and that which would break the Curse of the Sins.
Grace chose her words carefully so as not to give away her secret. “Yes, I know but knowing and wanting are two different emotions entirely.” She paused for another nibble of the pie. “I need to want, not simply to know.”
“This is absolutely crazy, Gracie. I thought Layla would have the most difficulty with accepting a mate but you are far more stubborn than I ever gave you credit for.” Eloise shook her head even as she enjoyed the piece of pie she’d been trying to get Grace to eat.
Within just eighteen months, each of her sisters had been mated according to the legend they had been taught by their mother. And by that same legend, it was now Grace’s turn to find her true mate. It was an enticing idea since their mother had been mated to their father in the same way and had been living happily mated now for over two hundred years.

The twist in the legend, as they had discovered, was that each sister had inherited one of the seven deadly sins and were close to fulfilling the ultimate prophecy laid down by the Goddess herself. As women in the Magdalena Circle, they carried the genetic link that kept the Valendite Breed flourishing. Once they found their mate, they were rewarded by losing the sin with which they had lived, but there was a catch. They were then bound to their mate who needed them for sustenance. Her mate would feed from her in exchange for him removing her sin. If the prophecy was correct and they, in fact, were the seven spoken of by the Goddess, Grace’s mating also meant the end of the women of the Magdalena Circle being cursed with a sin.

Davina believed it was a reward given for the utmost act of selflessness the Sinster family has given. They had the responsibility of releasing all women in their society from the curse. No pressure. What a joke. For Grace, it wasn’t that simple. The prophecy, the curse, the mating, nothing ever was that simple for her.
When her sisters were dreaming of thick, heated male bodies, she imagined herself pinned against the soft flesh of a woman. Gracie dreamed of a woman whose breasts conformed against hers, spiked nipples begging to be suckled into her mouth. A woman who would touch her softly with gentle hands and love her with a tender heart. But that was not in the legend. That was not to be her destiny. It was not part of the prophecy.
She had never spoken a word of her desires to anyone, not even to one of her sisters who shared everything, even their home for many years. She’d worked at setting aside those thoughts, pushing down the desires of her body, so she could be the woman they needed her to be. She watched her sisters with their mates and imagined she could do that too, but it didn’t warm her as it should.

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