The #NaNoWriMo Experience: Amanda Ward @SecretCravings @AugustMum

Secret Cravings Author Amanda Ward shares her NaNo Experience. 

NANO, NO…NO…Oh Alright.

The first of November, brings the ‘that most wonderful time of the year’ for professional and amateur authors alike. Yes, it’s Nanowrimo, aka National Novel Writing Month, with the aim, to write a book in 30 days. I have participated in it for the past five years, and never managed to win. However this year, I am determined to do so.

The idea is that you write a certain amount of words, during the month. Mine is 60k. However I am getting a head start by aiming to be at least a third if not more of the way through my current WIP. I won’t lie. This is hard work, requires focus and discipline (both of which as a mum of 3 I severely lack) to get the daily word count written. However this time I have both the time and motivation.

I have a book that is contracted and needs to be written and with my publisher by the beginning of December. So in order to achieve the daily word count and try to win Nano this year, I have decided to abstain from social networking and spend the time I would on those, writing. If you see what I mean. So allowing for various things to go totally wrong, between the hours of say 9.30am and 12pm I will bash out as many words as I can. I’ve started small. Each day since the beginning of October I have been determined to write a minimum of 1K and now I’m past 10K. Yay go me!!

So if anyone out there is tempted to write their first ever novel, November is the ideal time to do it. The kids are at school, the house is quiet and look over there…it’s a squirrel…(apologies. I am a dreadful procrastinator), please join me, cheer me on and kick my backside, but above all write and ENJOY yourself. Writing what you love, what you would go into a shop and buy yourself. If you will go and buy something, chances are someone else will too!

It is good fun, but above all, it’s an achievement. You can sit in your chair with the printed out certificate whilst editing your manuscript and think to yourself…That’s me. I did it!!!

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Good luck everyone.


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