Paloma's MONTHLY READS... #amreading Unfinished Heroes @KristenAshley68 and Hockey Players @Catherine_Gayle

I found some hot new audiobooks this month! I took's Reader's Month of April to heart and went way overboard on my audiobook purchases. My favorites are these two series...

The Unfinished Hero series by Kristen Ashley
The Unfinished Hero Series is erotic romance. They are explicit and explore the intricacies of love and trust in a relationship, including sexually. Still they're love stories and all about the happily ever after. The heroes of these books are anti-heroes, good men who do bad things. They have their reasons and their own codes. They simply are who they are, do what they do and find love along the way.

Portland Storm series by Catherine Gayle
This series follows players on a hockey team as they find their happily ever afters. Its sexy, but sweet, contemporary romance. There's just something about hokey players falling in love!

Check out the series here. I listened to one after the other.

What are you Reading?
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