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THIS MONTH I'm sharing short excerpts from my current WIP, FINDING HOME. This is book two in the Home Series, also known as the Porter Brothers series. It's raw material... I don't even have my cover art or approved blurb yet.
“This better be important,” Henry skipped the pleasantries as he sat up in bed and glared at the clock. It was nearly one in the afternoon so he couldn’t fault the caller too much. 
“Henry, it’s Tyra.” His friend’s voice was muffled. 
Henry’s back stiffened as he realized she was crying. He pushed off the bed, rolling out his shoulders and rubbing his eyes. “Tell me.” Two words that had his stomach feeling like lead because he had no idea what was coming next but just felt as if it was going to be bad. 
“It’s Jillian. She overdosed last night.”
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Book one, COMING HOME, is available now if you'd like to begin the series. FINDING HOME is scheduled to be published later this summer.

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