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Meet Becca Layne.

I’m now publishing my New Adult Romances under a new pen name... Becca Layne. Actually, this is closer to my “real” name, Rebecca. I’m excited to introduce some younger characters to readers. With a masters degree in higher education administration, I get to use my in-depth study of college-aged students in my writing. Life between ages 18-24 are the next biggest time of growth aside from the preschool years, and I can't wait to explore some characters as they discover who they are while finding love.

My first anticipated publishing date for a Becca Layne book is Fall 2015. Details will be released as they become available. In the meantime, I’ll be writing a weekly FREE READ that will appear on my tumblr blog. Ring Around Rosie will introduce some of the characters in the Island series. Be sure to follow my tumblr blog, follow me on twitter or watch on other ROMANCE BECKONS sites for reminders as each new installment is released.

Read the Prologue to Ring Around Rosie.

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