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WELCOME Ariel Storm to Romance Beckons. 
Ariel Storm believes that fantasies are meant to be explored, on the pages of her manuscripts, and beyond. She writes erotic romance readers can sink their teeth into, covering everything from contemporary BDSM to paranormal. Ariel fell in love with all things paranormal, magical and mystical at a young age. Her obsession with the dark, dangerous and forbidden began in her teen years as a way to rebel against her strict religious upbringing.

Ariel shares 13 Things Related to her newest release Indelible Lust

  1. Tattoos (Lilah and Jeremiah work at Indelible Ink, a tattoo parlor)
  2. BDSM (Lilah’s a Dominatrix, so you can call her Mistress Lilah)
  3. Vampires (Lilah’s also an empathic vampire)
  4. Bad boys (Jeremiah is a bad boy, he’s also a D/s switch)
  5. Idaho Falls, Idaho (where the story takes place)
  6. Bettie Page (Lilah’s black locks with the thick bangs Bettie was known for)
  7. Body piercing (all the main characters are pierced)
  8. Mind control (one of Lilah’s abilities)
  9. Tortured heroes (Ryan’s conflicted about his feelings for Lilah and Jeremiah)
  10. Ménage romances (oh yeah, there’s one of those scenes in this book)
  11. Girl power (Lilah has a lot of the power in the love triangle)
  12. Trilogies (#TheIndelibleSeries is a trilogy, Indelible Lust is book one)
I’m drawn to him. An incredible energy pulses around him. He may only be a human, but Ryan Baxter is far from ordinary. He incites a lust within me like no other. A lust that threatens to unleash the primal urge I’ve kept locked away for over two hundred years… 

Indelible Lust is the first novella in a short trilogy set around the complex love triangle between a Dominatrix vampire named Mistress Lilah, Jeremiah, the smoldering male D/s switch sub she frequently scenes with and Ryan, the sexy but tortured bisexual male sub they share but ultimately both want for themselves.

*This book contains scenes of male/male sex, anal sex and BDSM/sexual domination. For 18+ mature readers only.


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