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Welcome Jami Gray to Romance Beckons.
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romantic Suspense with a killing edge!

Jami Gray is the award winning, multi-published author of the Urban Fantasy series, The Kyn Kronicles, and the Paranormal Romantic Suspense series, PSY-IV Teams. She can be soothed with coffee and chocolate. Surrounded by Star Wars obsessed males and two female labs moonlighting as the Fur Minxes, she escapes by playing with the voices in her head.

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Jami Gray shares 13 Sentences from THE KYN KRONICLES, 
her Urban Fantasy series with Black Opal Books. 

1. “With a quick twist of her wrist, Raine slipped the blade between Quinn’s ribs.” (Shadow’s Edge, 2011) 

2. “She’d never imagined the kiss of death being quite like this.” (Shadow’s Curse, 2015) 

3. “As a metal image of driving a naked Warrick on the back of her bike through city streets burst unto full technicolor life, she was tempted to echo the groan.” (Shadow’s Moon, 2014) 

4. “‘Good gods, girl, didn’t I teach you better than that?’” (Shadow’s Soul, 2012) 

5. “She turned and met his eyes, her gaze as serious as her voice, ‘Trying to decide if you’re worth the risk.’” (Shadow’s Edge, 2011) 

6. “There was no way to say, Well, you see detective, there were these pissed off ghosts who weren’t really happy with the man so they decided to choke him to death.” (Shadow’s Soul, 2012) 

7. “For a moment, the world held its breath, then someone screamed and chaos erupted.” (Shadow’s Moon, 2014) 

8. “Amused by his concern, she smiled. ‘Take his heart.’” (Shadow’s Curse, 2015) 

9. “Since Natasha wasn’t a fool, there had to be something Raine was missing.” (Shadow’s Edge, 2011)

10. “Come on, Raine urged silently, you know you want to rip my throat out.” (Shadow’s Soul, 2012)  

11. “Finally starting her bike, she tried not to dwell on what his reaction would be when he realized what she’d done to protect him.” (Shadow’s Moon, 2014) 

12. “Darius could prove to be much more dangerous to her plans than anyone.” (Shadow’s Curse, 2015) 

13. “There was a reason women were so damn good at multi-tasking, they had to compensate for their male counterparts.” (Shadow’s Curse, 2015)

WRAPPED IN SHADOWS, Kyn Kronicles .5
(Things That Go Bump For The Holidays Anthology)

The magic of the holidays can be hell…
Celebrations abound during the holidays, but this Christmas an engagement celebration goes horrifically wrong. What appears to be a simple murder/suicide hides a vicious surprise. The type of gift Raine and Gavin, elite member of the Kyn, didn’t want humans to unwrap, because revealing the monsters in the shadows isn’t the way to spread holiday cheer.

SHADOW’S EDGE, Kyn Kronicles #1
Everyone fears what hunts in the shadows—especially the monsters…
When the supernatural lurks in the shadows of the mundane, hunting monsters requires unique skills, like those of Raine McCord. A series of deaths threatens to reveal the Kyn community and forces her to partner with the sexy Gavin Durand.

As the trail leads to the foundation haunting Raine’s childhood, she and Gavin must unravel lies and betrayals to discover not only each other, but the emerging threat to them and the entire magical community.

SHADOW’S SOUL, Kyn Kronicles #2
Some nightmares are born of love…
A simple assignment turns into a nightmare when Raine McCord follows Cheveyo to the Southwest on a consulting gig. When the most feared beings of the Kyn kidnaps Cheveyo and leaves Raine for dead, her ability to heal her mind and spirit hinges on the one man who can touch her soul, Gavin Durand.

Unraveling the Southwest Kyn’s web of secrets and hidden vendettas will either bring them together or tear them apart forever.

SHADOW’S MOON, Kyn Kronicles #3
Even wild hearts can be broken…
Tracker, Xander Cade, confronts an enraged Shifter in a crowded human nightclub, fraying the thin secrecy shielding the supernatural community from public scrutiny. Danger stalks the pack and she must protect her alpha and mate, Warrick Vidis, even if he doesn’t want it.

If they don’t find a way to trust each other and accept their rare bond they risk losing everything-their pack, their friends and each other.

SHADOW’S CURSE, Kyn Kronicles #4
Death and chaos can devastate even the best-laid plans…
After tragedy strikes the Northwest Kyn, leaving the houses in chaos and the Wraiths hungry for blood, the fallout threatens Natasha Bertoi’s carefully laid plans. When the Council sends Darius Abazi, the one man guaranteed to skew the odds, she faces her toughest opponent yet.

As death stalks the Northwest Kyn, can Natasha trust Darius, a man well versed in subterfuge, to uncover the truth before treachery destroys them all?

Coming Fall 2015:
A collection of Kyn shorts, including WRAPPED IN SHADOWS


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