#WebSerial Ring Around Rosie @BeccaLayne on #Thursday13

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Here's a SNEAK PEEK for this week's Thursday Thirteen...
Are you all right?” The man asked, again with the sexy deep voice. “I didn’t mean to startle you.” He stood by the front door petting Zoe, Rosie’s fluffy fur ball of a cat who oversaw security for the shop. 
Unsure which was worse: her ass stuck in the air or the red flushed cheeks she was now sporting, Rosie smiled at her mysterious customer. “I’m fine,” Rosie replied while still rubbing what was sure to be a big goose egg on the top of her head. 
Her eyes fixated on his big hands stroking her cat. Then her eyes took a field trip up his exposed forearm and bicep with its tattooed sleeve of vines. He was fair skinned but muscular, and obviously not a man who worked with his hands. Clipped short, his fingernails were neat as they drew long sweeps down Zoe’s back. Damn cat, getting all the attention. Rosie shook herself from her perusal and saw the man watching her. How long had he been watching her? 
Shoot, how long had she been ogling him? 
Rosie cleared her throat. “Can I help you find something?” Was that her voice that sounded so high-pitched? Good Lord, had it been that long since she had spoken with an attractive man? 
The man grinned down at her from his six-foot towering frame before extending his hand.
(c) Becca Layne, Ring Around Rosie, Island Refuge series, 2015


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