I'm A Serial Watcher... #Hulu, #Netflix and #Amazon Prime, Oh My!

I've never been a big television watcher. But over the past year, I've discovered the idea of "vegging" can be a worthwhile pass time on cold, rainy days or even just on a random weekend day when I'm not running around with my three sons. There's something to be said for losing yourself in another world without thinking.

I blame it on our subscriptions to streaming services. Hulu - Netflix - Amazon Prime. Oh, and that damn Amazon Firestick that makes everything so much more accessible! Though I'd invested in them for my sons, I found myself flipping through the offerings and discovering tv shows that I'd heard mentioned by others but had never really taken notice.

Then I tried one. And when the first episode was over, it automatically went to the next... and then the next... until it was dinnertime and I'd spent the entire afternoon watching tv. The horror! I prided myself in being a reader and now I'd turned into a watcher. Eek!

It all began with The Tudors. Who knew men in tights were so hot! Then I found Reign and watched it with Noodle, the youngest son. HBO's Rome is now on Amazon Prime so I devoured that before moving on to Spartacus. And how could I resist the History Channel's Vikings? Seriously, testosterone fueled men in skins are intense. On a more family friendly note, I watched The 100 and Merlin. Oh, and we discovered The Last Ship.

Now I'm not even just a watcher, I realized I'm a serial watcher. I can't stop at just one episode. I watch the entire series as fast as I can. It's near insanity for someone who was only ever a book reader.

So, this is my confession. Sometimes I choose to watch tv instead of read in my free time. But I promise tv will never be as important to me as books.
- Paloma

Talk To Me.
Have you gotten hooked on streaming? What do you watch?


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