It's Blind Temptation. #BOOKSauthorsREAD with #PNR Author Stacy McKitrick

PNR Author Stacy McKitrick shares the books she reads.
Stacy McKitrick fell in love with paranormal romance, decided to write her own and found her passion in life. She used to work in accounting, now she spends her time with vampires, ghosts, and aliens. Born in California, she currently resides in Ohio with her husband. They have two grown children.

What was your favorite book as a child?
I don’t remember reading all that much as a child. Definitely nothing with vampires! But I do remember my grandmother getting me James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. I loved that book (and still own it).

What book inspired you to be an author?
My reading picked up by the time I was in high school (mostly romance and horror), and I really enjoyed the creative writing class I took in the 10th grade, but being an author never really occurred to me until I was nearing 50. And the book that put that thought into my head was, of course, a vampire book: Twilight. The whole series captured me, actually. I was obsessed with the idea of good vampires (in the horror books I read, they were never good). So in April of 2009 I bought a laptop and just started writing my own vampire romance. That first book eventually became my second published novel: Bite Me, I’m Yours.

What is the last book you read just for fun?
Well, I always read for fun; otherwise, why read? But my last vampire book was Midnight Awakening by Lara Adrian. I’ve just recently discovered this series and fell in love with them after the first book. I’m a huge fan of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, and this series is similar, so why wouldn’t I love it? I don’t see it as a copy, I just see it as a bonus reading (and something to hold me over until the next BDB book comes out!).

What upcoming releases are you most looking forward to?
Since this is Vampire month, I’ll just list the vampire books I’m waiting for...

I love the Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands and her latest, About a Vampire, just came out. MUST. GET. COPY. These books are so much fun to read and one of these days I’m going to re-read them all. I just don’t know when (because there are SO MANY books I haven’t read yet that I want to, and plus, I still love to write). The Beast, by J.R. Ward is a must read for me. I have to wait until April, though. Argh!!! But maybe Blood Kiss, by J.R. Ward, will hold me over until then. Still have to wait until December to get that one, though. I’m sure I’ll find something to read in the meantime (I always carry a book with me).

Tell us about your latest release.
Blind Temptation is the 3rd book in my Bitten by Love series.

Dreading the prospect of losing her position on the Vampire Committee, Victoria is forced to integrate with the mortal population. She hasn’t stepped outside since her husband died over 40 years ago and the thought of being treated like the 17-year-old she resembles frustrates her. But when she discovers that Ben, her hot & sexy driver’s ed teacher, is blind, she gives into temptation and flirts. She never expects to fall in love.

Ben knows he shouldn’t get involved with Victoria—she’s his student. But something compels him toward her. She makes him feel young, alive, and more importantly, whole.

Victoria would love nothing better than to have Ben as a mate, but fears he wouldn’t want to be blind forever. As she struggles to keep her identity hidden from him, an old acquaintance of Victoria’s turns up and is willing to do anything to win her love, including disposing of her boyfriend.


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