It's #PNRmonth! @ReneeRoseAuthor brings His Captive Mortal to #RomanceBeckons for #Thursday13

Renee Rose is a naughty author and kinkster who loves writing about hot alpha males, Dominance/ submission and power exchanges. Named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, her books are all centered around kink. Get the free short story Her Billionaire Boss by signing up for her newsletter by clicking here:

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Welcome Renee!
Thanks for inviting my vampire, Charlie over today for Thursday 13. I’m giving you thirteen lines from His Captive Mortal today. Here’s a little background:

When Sasha is held captive by a handsome, immortal stranger she fears she'll never be able to break the curse he claims she can lift. She starts to view Charlie as more than her captor when she develops feelings for the Dominant vampire. Can the two find a cure for Charlie's curse? Or are they doomed to repeat history?

Here's 13 lines from the book:
He turned to her, grasping her shirt at the collar and renting it in half.

She shrieked and stared at him, her eyes wide, a mixture of fear and arousal in her scent. “Wh-what are you doing?” she asked, her words tumbling out one on top of the other.

He sliced her bra with a fang and hauled her to her feet.

She covered her breasts with one forearm, her face flushed, her chest heaving. “What are you doing?” she repeated, her voice no more than a whisper now.

He unbuttoned her shorts. “Punishing you,” he said, his voice raspy from the damage in his throat. He expected her to fight when he yanked off her shorts and panties, but she stood still, looking shocked.

“I really hurt you, didn’t I?” she whispered.

He didn’t answer, but when he took off his belt, she began to back quickly away, throwing up her bubble of protection, even as she babbled, “Okay, just calm down.”

“It’s for your wrists,” he explained. “Remove your bubble and hold them out for me.”

His Captive Mortal
When a young special education teacher unwittingly attracts the attention of a strange man on her late night walk home, she winds up with a supernatural guest she can’t evict. For some reason, Charlie, the dominant immortal believes she is of fairy descent and has magical powers. He demands her complete submission and cooperation, refusing to free her until she promises to help him.

Charlie sees the power in Sasha and believes she has the ability to undo the curse placed on him by a jealous lover one hundred years before. He also loves toying with the feisty mortal, doling out humiliating punishments while arousing a lust in her that leaves them both hungry for satisfaction.

His habit of emotional detachment crumbles as he falls for Sasha, yet when he discovers she carries a secret that relates to his past, the betrayal nearly destroys him. He must decide whether he can ever trust a woman, or give into instinct and walk away from what might be his only chance at love and redemption.

**This book was previously released as Loose Morals by Darling Adams. It has been edited for re-release**

Publishers Note: This book contains elements of BDSM including spanking, bondage and erotic sex scenes.


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