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I'm sharing the Seven Sin Sisters for PNR Month!
With the closing of Secret Cravings Publishing, the books have now been re-edited and self-published with new covers and lower prices on Amazon. Here's a preview from VANISHED PRIDE, book four in the series... and take a moment to enter the contest! I'm giving away 31 books this month.

She just planned to hold him off a bit more.

As if he still sensed her resistance as she avoided eye contact and flittered about the kitchen, Donovan stood with his hands on his hips and watched her. He was enormous. In her home, he now appeared larger than the other times they’d been near one another. He was also incredibly intimidating, damn it, as his massive body filled her kitchen. Paige felt tiny and worried for a brief minute that she wouldn’t be able to control him. Then she smiled, reminded that she may be small, but she was mighty. As Layla always said about the two of them—great things, small packages…and all that stuff.

Paige’s next move was a tactical mistake. She allowed herself to look at him, really admire him. Her eyes roamed along his muscular torso as his bulging arms crossed over his chest. Ooh, she so wanted to touch him! His shoulders were broad and strong. Paige didn’t doubt the muscles hiding beneath his shirt were corded and rock solid. Then his long legs crossed the kitchen in a few strides to the large window overlooking their back yard. Paige swallowed a moan back as she glimpsed his rounded ass clad in tighter-than-tight blue jeans. Thanks for that view, she thought.

Donovan turned towards her, nodded, and grinned. He couldn’t possibly hear her thoughts, could he?
Seven sisters are entwined in a legacy larger than ever expected. One by one, they’ll find their mates from the Valendite Breed, a group of near-immortal men, and secure their place in history. The trouble now is Paige. She has too much pride to go down easily so when confronted by her mate, she convinces him to give her more time.

Donovan agrees to Paige’s plan until things around him start to go wrong. He’s losing his concentration, making mistakes on critical missions for the Terrorist Elimination Unit (TEU), and now he’s assigned as Paige’s bodyguard.

Donovan’s only weakness is his need for a mate to carry on the Breed. Now that he’s found Paige, the time has come for him to claim his mate. Taking Paige in hand might be the only choice he has as forces continue to mount against the Breed. Will she come to see their Pronouncement will need to be sooner rather than later?

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