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Happy Halloween!
Today we are welcoming Author Guy Ogan to Romance Beckons. He took the long road to becoming an author, has lived a colorful life and brings all that to his books.
Born in Washington D.C. March 11, 1943 I spent the war years at my grandparent's home in Texas with my mother while my father went off to fight. After the war we returned to Arlington, VA awaiting the arrival of my father. I went to school in Northern Virginia until my sophomore year of High School when my father left government service and we moved to Northern California, where I continued to run track and cross-country at Los Altos High School and Foothill Junior College (A.A. degree). 
After Foothill I transferred to Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX (B.S. degree) and entered the USAF through AFROTC as a 2nd Lt. I spent a little over 20 years in the service stationed all around the world, including Webb AFB, TX, Lowery AFB, CO, Chanute, AFB, IL, Kadena AB, Okinawa, Bergstrom AFB, TX, Keflivik NAS, Iceland, Camp New Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Dyess AFB, TX and March Field, CA.  While stationed in Holland I completed a M.A Degree from Ball State University's European Campus and upon retirement completed a second Masters (M.Ed.) from Hardin-Simmons University, Abilene, TX during which I wrote a book on assessment and possible treatments for ADHD. I worked for the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice as a Program Administrator in their Substance Abuse Treatment Program and as an Associate Clinical Psychologist.
I retired from the State of Texas to care for my disabled mother who had Alzheimer's. Upon her death, I cleaned out their files and found the photograph (see page two of "Immortal Relations" that proved what my mother had said when I was just a child. That is the bit of true family history that stirred me to write the first in my "Immortal Relations" series of novels, a unique set of stories exploring that those whom we might at first believe to be enemies, might in fact be our friends and that those touted as "our saviors" might not be.
All three books are available in both print and ebook through Amazon and Kindle...
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Immortal Relations (Book One)
When Gary Logan discovers an old black-and-white photograph Of his father in Prague with a woman's handwriting on the back, he flies there to investigate where his father worked while in Europe, only to meet and fall in love with a beautiful lady who he believes to be a vampire. In love with her, Gary is initiated into her coven of guardian vampires, beginning a journey of epic proportions.

Exciting, erotic, and full Of heart-stopping action, this debut novel turns human vampire lore on its head, with a symbiotic relationship between the species that deepens emotional connections to astonishing effect. But a coven of evil vampires bent on destroying the guardian vampires and feeding on the humans at will have other plans. Gary's full vampire son helps humans to almost wipe out the evil coven, beginning the ever-increasing relationship between vampires and humans. Probing the gray areas inherent in sexuality, family and legend, the tale examines the very nature of existence.

Immortal Relations, Love and War (Book Two)
This second book amps up the action to a fever pitch. While Maggie and Evy hope things have settled down, events have a way of foiling the best of intentions. Death stalks a close friend, but our vampires can help him cheat death if he will accept the offer. His expertise is vital as international events are about to happen that Only this old friend can solve! Greed is at the bottom of so many of histories problems, and this book shows just how greedy some governments, rogue OPEC Ministers and terrorists can be and the troubles they can cause. Who is available to thwart their greed and what about the ecological disasters of the impending failure of Chernobyl 's containment cap and possible reactor collapse at Fukushima, Japan. When the reactor building at Fukushima falls, a possible ''Extinction Level Event" has been predicted! Our heroes will help, if their help will be accepted! 

Immortal Relations Coming Out (Book Three)
The third in the series continues to rock the foundation upon which typical vampire novels are based. After saving mankind from a war between two major powers before it went nuclear and solving two ecological disasters, our guardian vampires discuss coming out to humans. Seeing a potential for an open relationship protecting humans from evil vampires, criminals & power-mad politicians, a newer member of the good coven proposes they support patriots fighting for humanitarian liberty. This idea for an open relationship seems doomed by negative stereotypes vampires have acquired from books, movies, and recent television series. Now a threat of being "outed" by a reporter looms and the only recourse seems to be the help of a young shape-shifter werewolf. Threats against the good vampires from a Marxist regime forms a bond between the local Canadians and their vampire guests; however, there are new threats on the horizon which astronomers must somehow gain the attention of a disinterested government to get them to mount a response to the threat if life-on-Earth is to continue.

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