1 Photo. 200 Words. 1 Story. #TantalizingTuesday In The Shower

A long shower would help clear her mind. She needed to pull herself together. She needed to do something to rid herself of the pain. Or maybe not. Maybe she deserved it. Maybe that easy escape she’d tried for was too much to ask for. She didn’t deserve easy. She should suffer for what she’d done.

The water that was supposed to give comfort, that should’ve warmed her, served only to cover the sobs that pulled their way from her chest. Her body ached with the force of her despair and she slid to the shower floor, locking her arms around her stomach and rocking.

The noise outside the shower stall should’ve alarmed her. The large body surrounding her should’ve made her resist. But she needed him. Despite being unworthy of comfort, she needed him. How absolutely selfish of her. And even knowing this, she’d allow this small respite from the pain. She’d take this one more kindness before she’d tell him why he should hate her.

“You followed me?” She asked through her tears, a quiver in her voice. Why did he have to be so kind when she deserved his hatred?

“I will follow you anywhere."
(c) Paloma Beck

1 Photo. 200 Words. 1 Story.
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