A Single Kiss in Just 200 Words. #TantalizingTuesday

Without preamble, he leaned in to kiss her. His large hands held her smaller ones as if to hold her in place even though she’d never consider pulling away. She stepped in closer instead. She would be his, even if just for tonight.

She relaxed into the kiss and a nearly forgotten pleasure pounded through her veins. No one did what this man could do to her body with just his mouth. He sipped at her lower lip and nibbled on the swell of her upper lip. The kiss grew deeper and her body heated.

Closer now, their bodies nearly flushed together, his hands trailed down her back and traced along the curve of her hip, rediscovering her body. His touch after all this time was electric as their flesh made contact. He pulled back just long enough to look down at her, seeking reassurance of her willingness, before meeting her lips again with more demand. 

She couldn't close her eyes. She drank him in, memorizing his face as if taking a photo. She couldn't look away from him for fear he’d disappear but she couldn’t deny herself anymore. She ached for him, and she’d allow herself this reunion. For just tonight.
(c) Paloma Beck

1 Photo. 200 Words. 1 Story.
Tantalizing Tuesday Authors use a photo prompt to write a two-hundred word teaser every Tuesday. CLICK the LINK to read all the authors' stories.

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