#WWoW! PERK IT UP Author's Craft: USE CONTRACTIONS #AmEditing

Monthly Tips for Tightening Your Manuscript
Writers rarely put out their best copy on the first draft. First drafts serve the primary purpose of putting your ideas to page. So before you even consider handing the manuscript off to an editor, do your own proofreading. Create a cleaner second draft to bring to an editor. Here are some tips how to do that...

February's Tip of the Month 
USE Contractions.

Rather than saying the man does not hesitate to touch her, say he doesn't hesitate to touch her.
Rather than writing the woman is going to the pharmacy that is nearby, say she's going to the pharmacy that’s nearby.

Use contractions to create a more personable story.

HINT: Contractions make your writing sound friendlier, like your characters are real people, which creates a connection with readers. Don't miss this easily done basic.

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