Queen of my Kingdom: It's Summer! #AmWriting at the #Beach

It's summer! I love this season because it means more time with my boys. The school year is so busy that there's very little time, especially quality time. But summer means both quality time and plenty of quantity. There's not much planned this summer so most of our time will be at home - at the pool or just hanging out around home.

And of course, we kick it all off with our annual beach week with friends. That's always a blast though we've gone from sand castle building and water balloon fights to the kids, now mostly teens, heading down to the boardwalk on their own. How did that happen?

It seems as if each time I get comfortable in a phase of our life, it all changes. The boys are growing up and it's an amazing thing to watch as they become young men. I recognize my time with them at home is short and plan to seize every moment they'll give me. So hip-hip-hurray for summer since it offers me the best opportunity to have time with my boys.

Hope your summer is off to a warm beginning and that you take time with the ones that mean the most to you.

WRITING UPDATE: I've had a good week health-wise and was able to sneak some writing in even though we were away at the beach!


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