Queen of my Kingdom: A Prince Leaves the Castle #collegebound

My kingdom got a little smaller this month when Peanut left for college. After a summer of preparation, a large celebration with family and friends and then dropping him off at the university, hubby and I drove home alone. Peanut wasn't sitting in his seat, the one he claimed since we first brought him home from the hospital. He wasn't talking sports with his Dad or tapping his foot on my seat. His absence was an actual presence in the space, the embodiment of a missing limb.

Who were the king and I minus one prince? Peanut gave us the gift of parenthood. Before him, we were a couple. After him, we were a family. We are still a family now, of course, but the shift in the family dynamic shook me. After eighteen years, Peanut wouldn't be with me on a daily basis. The relationships between us all would slowly adjust to this new season of life.

We began our new normal. We traveled the two hours home to our other sons where we watched a movie -just the four of us- and snuggled with the animals who also appeared to miss their favorite human. We talked and made plans for the fall. And you better believe it included a trip to visit Peanut on Family Weekend.


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