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I've fostered the love of reading in my boys since they were babies. They have each grown up to enjoy reading to different degrees. My oldest two sons' reading habits declined at middle school. By eighth grade, they were only reading assigned books. Reading for pleasure became a thing of the past once they reached high school. But my youngest son's reading is still going strong, and the best part is that he gravitates to books I enjoy.
There are some great Young Adult Paranormal, Fantasy and Dystopian Science Fiction books. While I've always tried to read the books my boys read, I've found I enjoy many of Noodle's choices in book series. Some are even by authors I already read!
Did you know Sherrilyn Kenyon has a young adult series that connects with her adult series? Chronicles of Nick is part of The Dark-Hunterverse. In the young adult series, the world of the Dark-Hunters is unlike anything you’ve read before. It’s still dark and dangerous but it’s also a whole lot of fun and a lot of laughs. Kenyon balances the story between grit and humor, giving kids a great series to follow. And with a male in the primary role, it's perfect for boys.
Gena Showalter ventured into young adult too. The Intertwined series follows a sixteen-year-old boy who has four human souls living inside him. One can time-travel. One can raise the dead. One can tell the future. And one can possess another human. Everyone thinks he's crazy but there's more to his story than that. The suspense and the mix of lessons he and his friend learn along the way keeps kids hooked on the series. And again, it's great to have a male as the main character.
There's also The Witch & Wizard series by James Patterson, Divergent series by Veronica Roth, Delirium by Lauren Oliver, House of Night by P.C. Cast, Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz and the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer.
What books do your young adults read?
Give a recommendation in the comments.

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