Queen of My Kingdom: The Princes Grow Up #mothering

My youngest son turns thirteen today! Noodle is a teenager, and my baby is a baby no more. It's no surprise really. It's been coming since his first steps of independence. As the third child, his stubborn determination to grow up has been ever-present.
Over the past few months, Noodle has begun to separate. Not on purpose. It's that unconscious way teens pull away to transform more fully into their own person. He's spent less time with me and more time in his room. Baking cookies with mom is a thing of the past. Video games with friends on headphones is the new thing. There's fewer accompanied trips to the grocery store, and less conversation without prompting.

Setting aside the pangs of remembering a past now gone by, I decided to focus on what Noodle is becoming. His strong independence means he's capable and responsible. There's no doubt in his self-reliance. He's brave and creative. He's not afraid to just be himself. Noodle is kind and quirky. And while little boy cuddles have become a thing of the past, big guy hugs are also great.

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