#WWoW! The Author's Craft: Promoting #Audiobooks

With my first two audiobooks released this year, I changed up my marketing strategy. Locating audiobook readers in a place specifically for them brought me to new facebook groups, promoters and marketing services. The best experience has been with Audiobook Boom. Potential reviewers sign up for the email that provides a listing of audiobooks available FREE with REVIEW.

As an author, I paid a small fee to have my new audiobooks part of the email blast. Reviewers place their requests through the company. Then authors get a link to a database that includes links to the reviewers' audiobook account. Using this information, authors determine whether to share the book's free audio code in exchange for a review.

It's simple and it's effective. Within one day, I received nearly a dozen requests.

 If you love audiobooks and are an active reviewer on Audible.com...
If you are interested in my two book on audio...


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