The Cowboy's Baby on #TantalizingTuesday

It's a special edition of Tantalizing Tuesday!

Tantalizing Tuesday is a meme for authors where we find 1 photo and write 200 words for 1 story. We do it every week but this week is special. Over the next few days, you can hop from author to author, comment and be entered to win a book at each site you comment on. That's a lot of FREE BOOKS just for doing what you love... reading romance. Start here and then follow the links at the bottom of my post to the other participating authors.

I wrote four scenes about this couple for Tantalizing Tuesday back in September 2012. I loved them so much that I decided their story deserved more. The newest installment is directly below. All previous installments are also posted if you want to go back to the beginning of Megan and Camden’s story. You don’t have to though – this scene can be stand-alone.

Camden Takes His
Enough of the taking it slow shit they’d been doing. Camden grabbed Megan's arm and swung her against his chest. Damn if her nipples didn't poke out of her tiny white tank she wore, already primed and ready for him. Kissing her, he backed her up into the nearest tree so Megan was caught between him and the tree. She was going nowhere until he took his damn fill of her.
The gasp she let out when her back hit the rough canvas of the tree's bark was second only to the moan that escaped from between their lips when he pressed his stiff cock -still confined in denim- against her core. Megan wrapped her long, silky legs around him, letting her skirt push up, and pulled him in closer. Her arm hooked around his neck. Oh yea, she wanted this as much as he did.
Camden couldn’t take it anymore. Panting, he pushed her panties to the side and unbuttoned his pants, praising God he’d gone commando. When he tightened his grip on her hips, she tilted her body just right and he took her. Finally, fucking finally he took a deep breath, and took back what was his.

Want to Start from the Very Beginning?
Here they are, along with the photo inspirations... all from Megan's Point of View...

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Camden looked down at Isabella snuggled into the crook in his arm. He’d been focused on the baby since he pulled up to her family’s ranch. He hadn’t looked at her yet. Megan knew he might never look at her again, at least not the way he once did.
“You would’ve left the tour, given it all up.”
“Damn right I would’ve.” His voice grew louder and Isabella moved in his arms. “Ssh, ssh,” he soothed her. Megan wished she could be soothed as easily. She ached seeing this strong man cuddle her baby, their baby.
Hugging herself and wishing she was at least showered for this conversation, she straightened her back and drew on her resolve. “I couldn’t let you. Winning this season’s championship would’ve meant moving to the pro tour. You’d worked hard for that and I couldn’t be the one to take it away.”
“So instead you took this away from me,” Camden shook his head, looking down at their baby girl.
“I planned to tell you at the end of the season. She came early. It was a surprise,” Megan was determined to make him understand she’d never meant to hurt him.
“It damn sure was.”

Megan saw Camden standing at the fence as soon as she pulled her beat up Ford onto his family ranch. Good God, that man was built fine. With his shirt open, Megan saw his muscular chest and ripped stomach. She remembered a time when she could run her fingers down his exposed flesh. Now she’d lost that right.
Megan drove out every day since he’d returned last week so Camden could see Isabella. He wouldn’t give Megan a second glance but he was all eyes for their little girl.
“Megan, won’t you come in today?” his mother asked, her eyes tender. It was too much for Megan.
She averted her gaze toward the stable and hid her sadness behind a fake smile, “No, thank you. I was thinking about taking Dusty for a ride.”
Megan saw Camden saunter over to where she stood with Isabella in her arms. She held her breath. He’d never come over to her; usually his mother took Isabella from her. Maybe he was ready to talk. Did she dare hope?
Camden stood not more than a foot from her. He tipped his hat back, nodded at her, scooped Isabella up and walked back towards the porch. Without a word.

Camden walked up to where Megan sat by the stream, leading Pistol by the reins. Megan watched in silence, unsure of Camden’s intentions and of her own emotions.
“Can we talk?” He asked as he left Pistol tied up near Dusty.
Megan was surprised Camden had followed her out to the meadow. He was hurting because of her and she was struggling with her decision to keep her pregnancy a secret. Her certainty was slowly dissolving as she considered what Camden had lost by not knowing. She’d just wanted him to realize his dream in the circuit but that wasn’t reason enough for him. Megan was beginning to see that now.
Wetting her lips, Megan’s words came out rough, “I didn’t think we were talking.” She twisted her hands together and kept her eyes down.
“I reckon I’ve been stubborn long enough.” Camden sat beside her in the grass. He reached over and engulfed her tiny hands in his much larger one.
“My mama has Belle,” he offered.
“Belle?” Megan risked a quick glance at Camden, a smile on her face at the use of a nickname for their daughter.
Camden shrugged, grinning, “Fitting since her daddy is the beast.”

"Camden, are you in here?" Megan called out as she rounded the corner into the barn. When a hand reached out and grabbed her, she screeched. Her heart beat a tattoo in her chest.
"Hey there, darlin," Camden's deep whiskey voice sent a shiver down her spine. Her legs gave out as he looped his arm around her back and gently dipped her backwards.
Megan allowed herself to melt into Camden. Damn, she’d forgotten how hard his chest felt against her breasts. His scent surrounded her and made the idea of stepping back only a passing thought before she sunk into the sheer bliss that was Camden.
"I wanted to spend some time with you today. I know this whole taking it slow thing you got going on means stolen moments in the barn might be all I get for a while." Camden's eyes sparkled with mischief as he grinned down at Megan.
“I’m not so sure it’s enough for me either anymore.” Nearly two weeks had passed since they’d made amends. Maybe it was time for the next step. She bit her lip. “How about we take ourselves up to the hay loft while your mama has Belle?”

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