Taking Lila In Hand on #TantalizingTuesday

This story is a continuation of Kade & Lila's story from previous weeks. You can click these links to read Part One and Part Two, or you can just skip along to Part Three BELOW. I hope you enjoy.

Kade sat back, viewed his handiwork and was pleased. Lila was tied so beautifully in his rope, open and waiting for him. Most importantly, she had taken her spanking like the woman he knew her to be. Lila was strong, sometimes too strong-willed for her own good. This left Kade with the responsibility to take her in hand. And, shit, if it didn't make him want to take her in other ways every time. He brought his hands up to run them through his hair and then replaced his hat. 
Still wearing his jeans and boots, Kade watched Lila's naked body laid out before him, glistening in sweat. He hadn't allowed her to cum yet and he saw the blatant desire in her eyes. This was a punishment spanking. Her pleasure would wait.
"I'm sorry," Lilia's small voice touched Kade's ears.
Kade leaned back again with his arms behind his head. "Tell me why," Kade encouraged.
"I should've listened to you. I feel awful that what I did caused us to lose livestock." Lila's head hung in shame.
Kade knew her apology came in earnest. Lila never meant to do harm. Her big heart was what often got her into trouble.
 © Paloma Beck, Tantalizing Tuesday 2012

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  1. I'm still not liking this guy but l love the way you write, great characterisation.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to need to soften him a bit. He truly adores her and I've not yet conveyed that.

  2. I like Kade's style and the plans he has for Lila. The relationship between them is wildly hot and I look forward to the next mini-chapter. Kyla sounds so sweet and delicious...

  3. A nice snippet, Paloma. Saying hi from Erotic Enchants.


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