Forgiven on #TantalizingTuesday

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“I’m so sorry, Kade.” 
Kade rocked into Lila’s body slowly, gently moving in and out of her core with delicious intent. She knew he planned to make this last. Lila wasn’t sure if that was part of her punishment or not. The way he loved her after her spankings ripped her up more than the heat of his hands on her ass.
Lila knew he’d discovered her mistake when he’d come in from the ranch with enough anger in his eyes to burn through metal. Still he said nothing, and neither did she. He’d said little through dinner, through her spanking and now through their loving. He was a man of little words but she desperately needed his reassurance.
Kade held onto her wrists while his body weighted her down. Lila could only receive what Kade gave. It was how she liked it; but now she needed more. She needed his forgiveness. Kade buried his head in her neck, silently pumping his hips as her desperation built. Traitorous tears leaked from her eyes as she and Kade grew closer to the edge of reason.
“It’s all right, baby girl, all is forgiven.” With his simple words, Kade healed her heart. “Now let go with me.”
© Paloma Beck, Tantalizing Tuesdays 2012

Lila & Kade's story has been told over the series of four weeks. You can click these links to read Part OnePart Two, or Part ThreeI hope you've enjoyed the series... I've come to like this couple and am considering telling the tale of how they came together in a full-length manuscript.

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